[MP3] D.Lissvik takes his Studio vibes solo

Just in case you’ve never visited IGIF before and are unaware of the tonal bliss exuded by D.Lissvik with his main project Studio, here’s a little recap:

Studio are a Swedish electronic duo known for putting a fresh face on the balearic beats of the 80s and especially extending the pavement laid by Eno & Byrne on My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts. They’re especially good at synthesizing nearly 10 minute songs (sometimes longer) from several intertwined beats, bass lines, guitar melodies, and the occasional vocal sputter. Here’s a taste:

[MP3] StudioSelf Service

Dan Lissvik, half of the duo I spoke of about fifty words back, has been spending some of the Studio downtime (since 2006’s Yearbook 1 release) to work on his own material which he has finally compiled into an official debut under the name D.Lissvik: 7 Trx. + Intermission is exactly what the title suggests. If you listen to the songs he’s uploaded on his myspace page it’ll give you a good idea of exactly what he provides to Studio… these are essentially Studio songs and beats, stripped down to the bare essentials. They might not come across as fully realized as “Self Service” but for Studio fans this’ll be sure to keep you on your toes until the rumored Yearbook 3 drops next year.

Here’s the semi-untitled sixth track:

[MP3] D.LissvikB2 (Trk 6)

7 Trx + Transmission comes out on Information Records in November.

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