Regina Spektor: "Oedipus"

A blast from the past, a bit of history, a narrator with a voice so sweet you’d want to relearn all the vapid stories dictated to you from so-called intellectual orators. Although, I’d imagine if Regina Spektor were a Literature teacher she’d do away with the textbooks for tiled black and white keys. Many songs exude a life of their own, starting off as a birthed infant only to grow rapidly (usually) and die a death – rapidly or slowly. Humans tend to adore things that burst with life, but this a song that bursts with life while telling a famous life story.

“Oedipus” isn’t a new song from Regina, but a song that first appeared on her second album that was self-released and subsequently only surfaced at early live shows. Since then, Spektor has included this gem on a compilation album of her first three LPs – a convenient album for “new fans” to acquaint themselves with older tracks. This song could have easily been nestled into Begin To Hope.

[MP3] Regina SpektorOedipus

The story of Oedipus Rex may be classified as a tragedy but never has a story sounded so romantic. Spektor paints a splendid story of royalty, their flaws, and numerical orders of succession. This song changes tempos and moods in a manner that Spektor is now known for, although this specific song has a vocal firework display towards the end. Bitterly shouting “Thirty-two’s still a God damn number! Thirty-two!” with eccentric vocal accentuations that’ll make your tows tingle. Long live kitsch!

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