NEW! The Little Ones: "There’s A Pot A Brewin"

LA’s most indie-tastic five-some The Little Ones just released a trilogy of formats for their “new” single “Lovers Who Uncover” in the UK (which has been kicking around for over a year now). The three releases include remixes by James Ford, CSS, and Radioclit, and also features the following new song:

[MP3] The Little OnesThere’s A Pot A Brewin

Well, it’s no where near as catchy as the ’06 summer-jam that accompanies this song as the a-side single, but it definitely doesn’t damage the band’s cred–if anything, it makes the indie-pop fanboy in my brain salivate for the release of their upcoming full-length debut.

The US will get a slightly easier-to-manage release on June 5th, the Lovers Who Uncover EP, a download-only release collecting all of the tracks mentioned above plus the Crystal Castles remix of the title-track. Check out the links below for the usual tack:

Official Site | MySpace Site | More MP3s | Buy Lovers Who Uncover

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