Breaking: Mazarin Calls It Quits…sort of (plus New Song!)

Oh we are a country of litigators, aren’t we? This weeks ridiculously lame lawsuit comes courtesy of not one, but two Mazarins… check it out, from the press release:

“Formed in 1999 by principal member and songwriter Quentin Stoltzfus, Mazarin’s time on earth is up. Unfortunately having only recorded a few albums (Watch it Happen, A Tall Tale Story Line, We’re Already There) for release on a few labels (Sub Pop, spinArt, I and Ear, Bella Union, RocketGirl, Houston Party Records, Sinnamon, V2 Europe, Remote Control Records, Rock Records Japan, Wah Records Japan) in a mere four continents (North America, Europe, Australia, Asia), can’t spare you from the begrudging agenda of a rock band whom happen to have performed under the same name, and released records no one can find.

Giving the latter Mazarin [the band no one's heard of, those pesky litigators] the benefit of the doubt, let’s refer to them as Mazarin A.

From what information is available on Mazarin A (which is very little, considering the only mention of Mazarin A on the internet, has been written by Mazarin A) the band released a few albums on a label called First Class Records, of which Mazarin B can find no trace of.

Between 1999 and 2006, every time things would start looking up for Mazarin B, Mazarin A would find out. By late 2005, Mazarin A for reasons unknown had, had enough. Mazarin A hired an attorney who formally issued a cease and desist. Considering Mazarin B was tirelessly touring the United States and Europe, building the name Mazarin (ohh the irony), with barely two pennies to rub together, the band was without the resources to retaliate.

Mazarin B’s first suggestion to resolve the situation was to allow both bands to co-exist. Mazarin B was more than happy to share the market. Mazarin A and their attorney, to no surprise, weren’t having it. In their opinion, they were the only Mazarin, in fact – “Rock and Roll Legends of Long Island.”

In short, Mazarin A and their attorney decided: either cease and desist, or we go to court.

Considering Mazarin B had no disposable income to fight the case, plus information had come to light revealing that one of the members of Mazarin A was in very poor health, yet still paying his attorney some four hundred dollars an hour, all the while desperately soliciting donations for their legal and medical funds via their website, Mazarin B and their management concluded the whole predicament was so sad and despairing that instead of dragging out a lengthy litigation, which they had neither the time nor money to commit to; fuck it. Clearly, the name is cursed.

As for the future, Quentin Stoltzfus (and every contributing member to have ever played in Mazarin) is still making music with every intention of making it available to you, in time!

Oh well… the name might be gone but the music’s still living strong. Here’s a track from Mazarin’s 2005 LP We’re Already There:

[MP3] [The Artist Formerly Known As] MazarinAnother One Goes By

But Wait! There’s More!

We’ve got a cool treat for you guys, a new song from Quentin Stoltzfus (aka Mazarin)! Check it out:

[MP3] Quentin StoltzfusYour Advice

Glad to see Quentin’s still got the same Mazarin sound we’ve come to love, even without the name. It’s a fun, bouncy, slightly psychedelic pop song with Stoltzfus’s voice and lyrics begging to be loved: “Who do we think we are? / Who do we hope to be? / I just need your company.” Ironic given the circumstances, I know, but fitting nonetheless.

<-- [The Artist Formerly Known As] Mazarin -->
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Anonymous November 15, 2006 at 5:43 am

The band backing up Quentin on the Your Advice recording is Apollo Sunshine.


Anonymous December 20, 2006 at 6:09 pm

The original Mazarin has been rocking for 30 years. The Philly version can keep their pychadelica bullshit. Get some balls, boys!


Anonymous July 10, 2007 at 12:12 pm

jcztsarAaahh! Dinosaurs have discovered the Internet! Bravo! now shave your balls and go extinct. Good Boy!


Anonymous August 20, 2009 at 5:34 am
Anonymous November 19, 2009 at 5:00 am

Such a shame that a great production team gets snookered by the idea of a band name.
Anyone who worked on New American Apathy or I'm With You and Constellations must surely have the imagination to come up with another name and just blow off the small-minded litigators.
As a fan I really don't care what a band is called. Thank you for some great tunes.


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