Seeing Red!

My wireless router has not been kind to me over the past few days. Not kind at all. In between my immortal battle with the router known as Satan, I had to go get a “day job.” Yep, now I’ll be serving at this sweet restaurant. If you’re in the area – come in and buy lots of expensive items and tip me. Thank you.

Back to business.

Regina Spektor is terrific at making music. She is also a Red aka Russian (which acts as an odd turn on). Quite simply put, she is a Bronx girl by way of Moscow who writes songs for the piano, voice, drum stick, and guitar (sort of). She draws her influences from the classics. Classics that range from Mozart and Chopin to The Beatles and Tom Waits. She has a new album, Begin to Hope, that is due out June 13. So far, I am loving the songs that I have heard off the new record. It’s the type of addicting music that seems so simple to create but gets more and more complicated with each listen. I’m not lying when I say this new CD is surreal. If smooth vocal melodies were a weapon, you can more than assume Spektor would be the best assassin out there.

[MP3] Regina SpektorFidelity
[MP3] Regina SpektorBetter
[MP3] Regina SpektorOn the Radio

I’m not sure how many of you know about Cincinnati’s professional sports history, or lack-thereof, but over the past year our teams have been doing pretty damn awesome. The Bengals were considered the breakout team and a true threat, so Dodge and all of you Indy bastards better watch out. And don’t even get me started about Pittsburgh. Hey, wait. What about the Reds? Second in the division!? Starting pitchers with above .500 records?! Color me happy.

As if that wasn’t enough red happiness for you, today marks the day that the (future) American Red Cross was founded by Clara Barton. In short, Barton is considered one of America’s greatest heroines — a true patriot and philanthropist who, when she saw a practical need, gave every ounce of her strength to address it. She remains the most decorated woman in American history. I think she deserved it. So, I think we deserve some red songs!

[MP3] David PoeLove Is Red
[MP3] ChevelleThe Red
[MP3] Sufjan StevensRedford (For Yia-Yia and Pappou)
[MP3] UB40Red Red Wine
[MP3] Unwritten LawSeein’ Red
[MP3] Devendra BanhartThe Good Red Road
[MP3] Arctic MonkeysRed Light Indicate Doors Are Secure
[MP3] The White StripesRed Rain
[MP3] LovedrugIn Red
[MP3] Third Eye BlindThe Red Summer Sun
[MP3] The StrokesRed Light
[MP3] Chad VanGaalenRed Blood

Do something red!
Catch Regina playing her piano in Europe or buy one of her albums.
See the Reds play at home or vote to make a Red an All-Star.
Give to the American Red Cross or volunteer your time.

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