The Young Republic

I wrote about Boston’s The Young Republic back in January, and since then all sorts of blogs have picked up on them as well. Since January, TYR have also released another album, without a doubt their best yet. Modern Plays is one of the most sincere, well-written pieces of music I’ve heard this year…don’t be surprised to find it on my year end list.

If you’re new to TYR, they’re an indie/folk/pop collective of about nine members. If you take pages from Belle & Sebastian, The Good Life, and a lot of what’s bleeding out of Montreal, you’d get a sense of what TYR’s all about. A little folky, a little soft, but envelopingly beautiful and capturing. Here are my favorites from Modern Plays, all highly recommended:

[MP3] The Young RepublicShe Comes And Goes
[MP3] The Young RepublicModern Plays
[MP3] The Young RepublicSmalltown In A World War

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Buy Modern Plays directly from the band for $10 here.

In other news…

Does anyone know what happened to My Ex-Best Friend? Both the blog and myspace just vanished! RIAA troubles, maybe? Drop a line in the comments if you know what’s going on!

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