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Firstly, thanks to everyone who entered the contest for a copy The Lovely Feathers’ debut album, Hind Hind Legs. So many great bands were submitted, and while it was kind of a pain in the ass to go through all of them, it was more than worth it as it paved the way for a lot of upcoming posts! That being said, there is a clear winner…but as I feared, the winning submission was posted anonymously! I’m gonna have to implement the honor policy here again…if you’re the person that submitted the following band, email me and I’ll get you all squared away. If no one steps forward, I’ll resort to the TBD second place.

Right when I heard the first song from We Will Build, I was pretty sure I had a winner. And it’s not that it’s instantly likeable (even though it is), and it’s not even simply because it’s amazing (which it is). Out of the bajillion websites on the internet, Google could only find two about these guys. AND they only have like 130 MySpace friends…I mean, hell-ooooo, this is good shit people! Good Charlotte has 84,694 friends and they fucking suck! I really can’t believe something so good and enjoyable could go so unnoticed!

We Will Build are an electronica duo that creates rich, emotional pop songs in the vein of Air or The Postal Service (sans the singing), perhaps with a hint of Ratatat. They haven’t released an official album per se, instead making all 12 of their songs available for free from their website. Here are my favorites:

[MP3] We Will BuildWhite Furniture
[MP3] We Will BuildRain And Sun
[MP3] We Will BuildI’m Feeling Very Unsatisfied
[MP3] We Will BuildOut These Doors Inside

I highly recommend that you all download the rest of the songs here
Also, one of the members has another side project from which much of We Will Build was built off of. Head over here for more awesome electronica!

Like I said, if you’re the guy/gal that turned me onto WWB, please email me and I’ll gladly send you your prize…if not, I’ll have to pick someone else!

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