The Submarines

It just so happens that a band I came across on MySpace is on Filter’s Weekly Top 5 Artists. I am willing to bet it isn’t a strange coincidence that we both enjoy The Submarines thoroughly. They’re catchy mix of electronic beats and guitar are somewhat reminiscent of Stars or Her Space Holiday, only The Submarines rock a wee bit harder.

They’re debut album, Declare A New State (June 20), is showing a lot of promise. A blend of electronic folk and indie pop, The Submarines craft their songs carefully by meticulously inserting appealing melodies and riffs, backed by (yes!) romantic lyrics. Romance wasn’t always the case for The Submarines though.. Another band/couple (i.e. The Weepies and Mates of States), this couple was brought together, ripped apart, and then reunited through music. Suffice to say, they are now on their way to a “happily ever after” musical life. Check out their MySpace for the full break up/make up story and other musical tidbits. Also, look at Filter’s little blurb on them, complete with an additional track! If you don’t wanna wait til June for the debut, snatch it on iTunes or eMusic before everyone else!

[MP3] The SubmarinesPeace & Hate
[MP3] The SubmarinesVote
[MP3] The SubmarinesClouds

In other unrelated news.. It seems that people all over the world are getting bills and tickets for the most ridiculous hilarious things.

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