The Roof Is On Fire!

nathanielxc (1:04:44 AM): so i was posting.
nathanielxc (1:04:49 AM): and my dorm caught on fire.
themacrobaye (1:05:04 AM): no way
nathanielxc (1:05:10 AM): yes way.
nathanielxc (1:05:12 AM): welcome to my life.

Yes! That is a true conversation that I had with Connor right after being let back into my dorm, that unbeknownst to me, was a fire hazard. I’ll tell you this, it feels weird to not post at least once a day, but to be evacuated mid-post to the front lawn only to see flames pouring out of a window (on the same floor as my room!).. Isn’t a very comforting site. All the while, I’m saying tragic farewells to my iMac and dozens of gigs of music in my head. Fortunately, the blaze was contained to that room and all seems to be well.

That being said, I am back like a Dick Cheney heart attack and full of good things…also like a Dick Cheney heart attack. My momentary lapse of a hiatus was unexpected, but clearly in need with finals starting up in a few days. No fear, I’ll be posting in full non-flammable effect tomorrow. Until then, let me express my pyrotechnic joy of being alive.

[MP3] Franz FerdinandThis Fire
[MP3] Bob Dylan/Johnny CashRing Of Fire
[MP3] Josh RitterMan Burning
[MP3] NellyHot In Herre
[MP3] The Arcade FireVampire Forest Fire
[MP3] Jason CollettFire

Catching on fire = not one of my life goals.

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