Phoenix (yes, that French band)

Now before you say “Isn’t that so like them to pose like that in a photo,” listen up: It is. And they did. So what? Phoenix (yes, that French band) have a new album, entitled It’s Never Been Like That, hitting stores May 23rd on Virgin Records (yes, that weird half-label/half-airline). I had only known Phoenix because of their song on the Lost In Translation soundtrack, a damn fine song I might add, one so fine and “eighties” that I figured Phoenix to be some one-hit wonder from the Reagan years…but I’m glad I’m wrong.

Upon first listen, It’s Never Been Like That is a very well crafted pop record. I’m a little surprised that it’s actually good, but it is, seriously. If you’re a fan of Goldspot and Air, you should listen to these tracks:

[MP3] PhoenixLong Distance Call
[MP3] PhoenixRally

And here’s the track from Lost In Translation:

[MP3] PhoenixToo Young

Nathaniel’s gonna update you all with the Guillemots contest winner very shortly, and then I’m gonna have another awesome contest! Woo-hoo, free stuff!

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