New Song from The Futureheads!!!

The boys are back in town! Here’s the first single off of The Futureheads‘ upcoming album News and Tributes. I’ve been waiting a long-ass time for this, especially after how great “Area” was…

[MP3] The FutureheadsSkip To The End
Wait wait wait….seriously? I mean…it’s a good song I guess, and it will probably get better with each subsequent listen, but it’s not really what I expected. It just sounds a little too “normal.” The F-heads are so great because they’re not really like anything else out there music-wise (to a certain extent), but this song sounds like it could have been laid down by any band with about 2 hours of free time on their hands. But “so what” you’ll say…who cares if it’s not too original! Well, that’s where a lot of bands’ sophomore efforts fail…they look at what worked in the past and streamline it. I really hope the album is better than this teaser suggests.

More (older) Futureheads here.

In other news, thanks so much for the tremendous response for the most recent contest! I didn’t realize how much work it would be, checking out like 90 bands, but it was pretty enjoyable for the most part. I’ve narrowed it down to about 5 bands, and will announce a winner probably by Monday…so stay tuned!

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