Midlake and (New!) Zero 7

Son of a bitch! The “good stuff” Connor is referring to at the end of his posts, is truly that, but I am having some flaws with the template. As soon as I get the flaws worked out, which should be in the subsequent hours, I’ll post that sucker as fast as this broadband connection lets me. The post has been done for a good day or so, it’s just lingering on the verge of post-dom.

But, I’ll tell you what has entered the realm of post-dom… Some upcoming news on Midlake and the new Zero 7 album.

Midlake is quickly becoming a hot commodity amongst the masses, and hanging out with the likes of The Flaming Lips doesn’t exactly hurt your chances of success. I just got word that The Lips, who just released At War With The Mystics on Tuesday, have invited them to do some touring abroad. Straight from their label:

We are pleased to announce that Midlake have been hand-picked by The Flaming Lips to join them on their European tour. After hearing and falling in love with Midlakes incredible new album earlier this year, Wayne Coyne and the gang invited the band to join them at their showcase at SXSW in March. Similarly blown away by their live performance, he then invited Midlake to support them in San Francisco for a show at Noise Pop a few weeks later. These kindred spirits bonded immediately and subsequently our talented young lads have been invited by the Flaming Lips to join them on their European tour.

So far, they’ll be with The Lips for the following shows:

Thursday 27 April AMSTERDAM Paradiso
Friday 28 April PARIS Bataclan
Tuesday 2 May STOCKHOLM Cirkus
Wednesday 3 May COPENHAGEN Tivoli Gardens
Thursday 4 May HAMBURG – Markethall

If you’re not familiar with Midlake yet, here are a few tracks and a (just released!) video. If you like what you hear, you can check out some more tunes at the good ole’ Hype Machine.

[MP3] MidlakeRoscoe
[MP3] MidlakeBalloon Maker
[VIDEO] MidlakeYoung Bride

Speaking of leaks in Connor’s last post, on to another band who only seems to impress me more with each new album. Zero 7 are putting out a new album on May 22, titled The Garden. I am really enjoying what I am hearing thus far, it’s a great blend of synthetic beats and a ton of instruments. Despite their history of electronic use, this album has an intense relationship with a multitude of sounds ranging from simple piano to engaging horns. Take a listen or two at a few of the tracks and then preorder the album or catch the on tour!

[MP3] Zero 7Throw It All Away
[MP3] Zero 7Today

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