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A buddy of mine came running into my room the other day with a flash drive full of goodies, some old and some new. Amongst one of the bands he told me about, came a story of this crazy co-worker he used to work with back in the summer. My friend likes to describe this character as a “musical vagrant!” See, this guy takes musical crusades a few times a year to various CD shops across the nation where they sell CDs on average for $1. It doesn’t stop there, he spends about $600 per trip on various albums…coming back with hundreds, sometimes thousands of CDs. With so many CDs, he usually has a few good recommendations every now and then.

World Leader Pretend are on a major label, yet are only known in hot spots around the country. They’ve been posted about only a few times and deserve a little more credit on the blog circuit. I’ll keep this post short, and let some of these catchy Muse-ish songs speak for themselves.

[MP3] World Leader PretendLovey Dovey
[MP3] World Leader PretendA Horse of a Different
[MP3] World Leader PretendThe Masses

If you want more information on WLP, you can read a bio here and check out their official site too. I haven’t been able to post as much the past few days because I have been working on a few “unnamed blog related projects” that are gonna make you guys pretty excited.

No fear! One should be in a post tomorrow…dun dun dun.

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