Invisible Children

Being part of the blogging community is a privilege. The ability to write and express one’s love and interest in (new) music to a group of readers is one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. I think anyone that runs a blog would agree with me on that aspect, it becomes a part of what you do everyday. Sometimes, outside the realm of the music scene, there are things that grab a blogger’s interest strongly – making them want to share it with their readers.

This is one of those times.

Recently a tour stopped by my school (and Connor’s as well) to screen a documentary on the Ugandan War. It was a great film- full of raw footage, emotion, and hard-hitting truth. Any more it seems that documentary films are too reliant on the creator’s opinions and bias, which isn’t always a horrible thing, but isn’t exactly what a documentary film is supposed to be full of.

Invisible Children documents three young Californian filmmakers travel to Africa the day the Iraqi invasion begins. They intended to film about the Sudan but end up finding their story in northern Uganda by means of an 18-year long war that few Americans are aware of. The film documents the tragedy of child soldiers and more generally how war affects the thousands of children in the region. Observing the changes the three filmmakers undergo, from naïve college grads to compassionate creators of a new movement, is eye-opening. Their movie is well made and very powerful.

Watching this movie will not only open your eyes and inform you but more importantly, make you want to do something about this horrifically cruel situation. Hopefully posting about such a movie will move you guys as it’s moved us. Take the time to watch it, if you can. It’s not even an hour in length- yet its impacts are life long.

[MOVIE] Invisible ChildrenRough Cut

Head over to their site for all the ways you can help fuel the movement.

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