Indie Rockappella

I feel like I need some sort of divine intervention right now. Something to, perhaps, prevent finals from starting tomorrow. I don’t want to take finals at all, but I want to get out of school. Sorta like how you don’t want to drive 15 hours to Florida for vacaction, but you want to go to the beach. I suppose the end justifies the means.

Anyways, that being said. My eyes have been reading books, notes, and index cards while my ears have been on hiatus. Sorry! But here are some nifty “indie” songs by a group called Indie Rockappella.

[MP3] Indie RockappellaCome On! Feel The Illinoise!
[MP3] Indie RockappellaAnnie Waits
[MP3] Ben FoldsAnnie Waits
[MP3] Sufjan StevensCome On! Feel The Illinoise!

Enjoy. I’ll hopefully still be alive to post after my physics final tomorrow.

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