Horse vs. EP

More and more people are starting to enjoy Band of Horses.. and with good reason! They’re a talented group of a guys with a very enjoyable sound and live show. Speaking of live shows… Before they released their self-titled debut, they issued an exclusive EP available only at their concerts.

Nothing like some new songs and demo/live versions of album tracks, to really get the Horses stampeding.

[MP3] Band of HorsesSavannah Part One (Demo)
[MP3] Band of HorsesThe Snow Fall (Demo)
[MP3] Band of Horses(Biding Time Is A) Boat Row (Live)

I really thought about posting the entire six song EP, but the other three songs appear on the album and are only slightly different on the EP (live or demo versions). Plus, now you don’t have to see them live to get the EP since Sub Pop has it for $5 and only a limited quantity!

If, for some reason, you’re not familiar with Horses… Check out Hype Machine for a ton of their album tracks. You could still be cool and get the EP at a live show too!

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