Free Diamonds

I never really thought I’d be plugging a band like Free Diamonds. On first listen of their new album There Should Be More Dancing, nothing was really getting to me. The thrashy, garage rock sound, one whose void in my music collection had already been filled by Les Savy Fav (a band that I still don’t really listen to that much), just sort of mashed together into an indifferential 30 minute block of music… but for some reason, I decided to give the band one more shot, and I now realize how wrong my initial response was.

There Should Be More Dancing is actually a pretty complex album when boiled on high, full of not only shredding guitars and drums, but clever lyrics, catchy melodies, and even the occasional, pastoral Wolf Parade-like “movement” right at the end. If you’re looking for something different, maybe something you’ve shied away from in the past, give a few minutes to absord a few of these tracks:

[MP3] Free DiamondsThe Day We Conquered
[MP3] Free DiamondsThe List Of Everyone
[MP3] Free DiamondsInternational Gathering Of Champions

Head over to their Purevolume site for more mp3s!

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