The Fools of April

April 1st had a lot more grandeur when I was younger. Simplicity is a word that I would associate with the prank filled holiday.
“Your shoes are untied!”
“HAHA! April Fools!”

Anymore, you have to be the master of pranks to get a really good April Fools going. I’m still holding my breath for when Kurt Cobain pops outta Seattle and says, “APRIL FOOLS, BITCHES!!” Of course, the lack of oxygen to my head is starting to have their effects. Here are some fool related tunes for you.

[MP3] Rufus WainwrightApril Fools
[MP3] Inara GeorgeFools In Love
[MP3] Bonnie Prince BillyRudy Foolish
[MP3] Jack JohnsonFortunate Fool (Live @ Boulder, CO)
[MP3] The BeatlesThe Fool On The Hill

Yes, “fool” related music is great. However, a prank related holiday is usually related to a comical overtone. So, how about some funny comedians?

[LOL] Mitch HedbergFrogs vs. Bears
[LOL] Dane CookStruck By A Vehicle

Hope you think of a some great pranks!

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