The Endangered Phantom Buffalo

How about those buffalo? Their numbers were in the 100 million at one time, then a mere 750 another. Facing near extinction couldn’t have sounded so great to an entire species, but to Phantom Buffalo, some good music was made.

Phantom Buffalo has a very unique name and sound. Between the fuzzy guitar, soft vocals, accordion utilization, and story-telling lyrics, Phantom Buffalo has the intimate sound of a solo act with a full band noise. I randomly followed multiple musical links on MySpace and found their own page. The more you listen to their music, the more enchanted you become with their unique melodies and guitar riffs. A psychedelic sound? A breath of fresh air indie rock? You decide.

[MP3] Phantom BuffaloA Bathing Suit for a Rich Girl
[MP3] Phantom BuffaloBe The Boss
[MP3] Phantom BuffaloKilling’s Not Ok

With a song like, A Bathing Suit For A Rich Girl, I immediately thought of the latest Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition. Yes, I know you all are such avid readers, right? This year was a good year for the magazine (as if it has an off year) mainly because they set a new world record. That’s right, a true “rich girl bathing suit” in the form of $30 Million Bikini.

Connor had his picture and commentary on Ann Coulter, I’ll interject mine with Molly Sims (the antithesis of Ann Coulter) who is looking inconceivably hot in her “record breaking” photoshoot. Check out the budget breaking bikini here.
Talk about some strange tan lines.

End of commentary. The picture speaks 30 million words.

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