Bishop Allen – March EP

I’m sure this is going to be on the blogging community’s Breakfast Menu of MP3s tomorrow morning, but it damn well should be. Those that have been following Bishop Allen are probably aware of their Sufjan-like workaholicism; 12 EPs in 12 months during 2006. They’ve been releasing each EP near the end of each month and March has finally passed, meaning more songs from one of the coolest bands on the block!

[MP3] Bishop AllenThe Monitor

February’s EPs sold out faster than Backstreet Boys tickets in Japan, and don’t expect March’s to stick around much longer. Especially with great songs like The Monitor, showing the more sensitive side of Bishop Allen; a side capable of heart warming vocals and ballad-esque writing styles that resonate through your ears like the eerie guitar looming in the background of the song.

The March EPs are getting back from the pressing company on April 18 and are being shipped out that day, so hurry up and buy one (for $6!) or you’re going to be missing out on another month’s worth of four song deliciousness.

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