Sean Hayes

I’m still mourning the loss of Connor’s external drive, still praying to God/Department of Homeland Security for his 160 gig motherload to pull a Lazarus and rise from the dead. If I were to lose all my music, I would probably spontaneously combust or stab myself in the kidneys with a pair of butter knives.

However, the moment of silence can’t last damnit! This is a music blog for Christ/Rumsfeld’s sake!!

This artist has a voice, despite all of my pondering and debates with friends, that I just can’t peg. He sounds like someone I have heard or listened to and (for the life of me) can’t figure out who that person is. It was, and still is, driving me insane. Such is the effect of Sean Hayes. Perhaps it’s his all too familiar voice and pensive lyrics. Perhaps it’s his Art Garfunkel meets Wayne Coyne looks. In short, Sean Hayes is one hell of an artist. Already on his fourth album, Big Black Hole and the Little Baby Star, Hayes’ voice is incredible and his talent is nearly undeniable.

[MP3] Sean HayesCalling All Cars (Amazing Song – Highly Rec’d)
[MP3] Sean HayesFucked Me Right Up

I would check out his latest release and if you’re in CA catch him on tour. And no this is not the Sean Hayes that plays “Jack” on Will and Grace, but nice try.

Who do you think Sean Hayes sounds like, vocally? Drop a line, because I am drawing blanks.

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