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After watching Inside Man (really great movie – go see it!) last night, which starts out as a montage of New York imagery, I got in the mood for some things New York – especially music. Aside from the many Big Apple based bands, i.e. Bishop Allen, Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah, etc., I couldn’t help from thinking about the title of Richard Julian‘s third album, Slow New York.

A self-described “confessional singer-songwriter in basic black,” Julian’s lyrical ability to captivate listeners with small stories within each song, is only matched by his simple raspy voice. Musically, the entire album contains so much diversity it’s almot hard to distinguish a “type” that Julian fits. Alas, that’s the beauty of Julian’s music. He can’t be a typified as another run-of-the-mill New York artist with a guitar and good intentions; he is far too talented. His sound is soft, lyrics strong, making his songs worth the listen.

[MP3] Richard JulianDon’t Wait Up
[MP3] Richard JulianCheap Guitar
[MP3] Richard JulianIf A Heart Breaks
[MP3] Richard JulianSlow New York

Julian may portray his life as a happy ramble, but he rambles with the likes of Norah Jones, with whom he’s been a frequent band mate. Her backing vocals and tipsy piano are sprinkled in various songs throughout the album, adding an extra “umph” to some tracks. Take me seriously when I say: I really like this guy, and fans of Mason Jennings and/or John Prine should give the album a shot.

Life in the Big City never sounded so good.

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