Oh Heather, Fuel My Fire!

The conversations that I and Ms. Heather Browne have are beyond amazing. We’re so witty that we speak a near foreign language. Yeah, just kidding. Although she can flock to the nifty city of Denver, she remains much like myself – not close enough to a bustling coast overflowing with talented musicians and artists. But hey, us secluded primitive bloggers can hold our own, we ain’t afraid of no coast!

Anyways, Heather writes great great stuff over at her blog (i.e. List of Best Protest Songs) I Am Fuel, You Are Friends. This time, Heather posted herself some awesomeness. She has a knack for The Boss and, well…who doesn’t want some Springsteen covers?


You Want More Springsteen? @ I Am Fuel, You Are Friends

Great post my Coloradian Cohort. Now, get your ass to Lollapalooza and we’ll have us a grand ole’ time.

A song or two, in honor of those out west (but not on a coast)!

[MP3] Bright EyesJune on the West Coast
[MP3] GrandaddyEl Caminos In The West

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