New Songs from Final Fantasy!!!

GOD, I have been waiting for this day forever. I finally got my copy of Final Fantasy‘s latest Young Canadian Mothers 7″, which includes his previously released cover of Joanna Newsom‘s “Peach, Plum, Pear” and two reworked songs from his debut, as well as a new song, “Spell For A Weak Heart,” which is presumably the first “single” from FF’s upcoming album, He Poos Clouds. The EP was only released on vinyl, but luckily for you all some tech-conscious hipster ripped it! Check it out, all recommended!

[MP3] Final FantasySpell For A Weak Heart
If you’ve seen FF play live, you’re probably familiar with his stripped down violin version of this song. With a new album around the corner, more money from touring in his wallet, and perhaps a personal vendetta to prove wrong a critic who dubbed him “a lesser Andrew Bird,” Owen seems set for a sound shift. The violin thing…yeah, it’s cool and all, but it only gets you so far. Vinyl scratching, synth blips, various other electronic noises, the ever-trusty wood block, and Owen’s angelic voice create an amalgam that’s confidence is only outweighed by it’s catchiness. It’ll be a great year for Mr. Pallett.

[MP3] Final FantasyThis Is The Dream Of Emma & Cam
This is a slightly “rockified” version of the second track on Has A Good Home. Here, Owen has added so much to a song that didn’t really need much of anything else. The basic structure and melodies of the song are the same, and while the added drums, synth, bells/xylophone, etc give it more complexity and texture, and while it’s certainly nice to hear “new” material from FF, I think this new version is a little unnecessary… but there’s no avoiding irony if one were to claim that musicians act out of necessity, so for what it’s worth, it’s still a great song.

Check out more Final Fantasy, including the Joanna Newsom cover, over at the hype machine.
Also, Chris posted a Final Fantasy remix of a Grizzly Bear song today. Congrats to Gorilla vs. Bear on winning Filter’s Blogger of the Year award!

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