A message from Connor, with love…

Hey guys, sorry I’ve been out of the posting loop for a couple days. You see…I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before (actually I do know, and I have), but I’m probably the biggest Elliott Smith fan you’ll ever come across. I’m not just boasting (is that really worthy of bragging rights?), it’s seriously an obsession. Part of this obsession is my quest to own every live recording of his that’s out there…over the past couple years I’ve collected around 135 recordings of his live shows….around 2,300 songs or so.

At around 4:00PM EST yesterday, disaster struck [one of] my external hard drive[s]. It just stopped working…dammit. 160 friggin’ gigabytes of movies, tv shows, music to blog, and most importantly all my Elliott Smith…all fucking gone. I’ll give you a minute to absorb that…I’m still not ready to accept it…but I must move on.

In any event, a lot of unlistened music [my “stash”] is inaccessible. I’m still trying for the love of allah to somehow fix the beast, but things aren’t looking too swell… I’ll probably post later on today, no doubt, but until then, here’s the only song that can express how I feel better than I can:

[MP3] Jeff BuckleyDido’s Lament (Live at Meltdown Festival 07/01/1995)

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