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I know I just posted on these guys about a week ago (see here), but now I’ve got even better news to report: a spiffy contest for an equally spiffy band. If you haven’t heard, The Lovely Feathers are another amazing band from north of the border, down [up] Montreal ways, and actually feature members from both The Arcade Fire and Wolf Parade! There’s nothing about this band that’s not to love…and logically speaking, that means you should just about love everything about this band. Check out these tracks:

[MP3] The Lovely FeathersIn The Valley
[MP3] The Lovely FeathersFrantic
[MP3] The Lovely FeathersBreakfast Cake


It’s hard to be a blogger. I’ll rephrase… it’s hard to constantly find awesome new music to post for you guys… so, this contest is simple! All you have to do is give me the name of a band that I haven’t heard of, and whichever band I like the most will win! I would appreciate it if along with the band name you could post a link to where I could find their music, but it’s not essential…just the band name is fine for contest entry.


Up for grabs is a copy of The Lovely Feathers amazing debut album, Hind Hind Legs, which officially hits stores 4/18…so if all goes well, you just might hold bragging rights over owning the album before everyone else!

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