The Little Willies

It’s a beautiful day, here in Lexington KY. The weather has an odd effect on my musical selection. Trying to find a soundtrack to match the mood of Mother Nature is (sometimes) difficult, yet so much fun. With the sun shining and the temperature rising, The Little Willies are the perfect band to listen to.

Here is a little dosage of this super group straight from their site:

The Little Willies formed for purely practical reasons. In 2003, the group of five friends, who were all individually involved in other projects, booked a gig at The Living Room on New York’s Lower East Side as an excuse to spend an evening playing music together. They soon discovered that they shared a deep musical vernacular.

Richard Julian, who I just posted on, is playing/singing alongside Norah Jones, Lee Alexander, Jim Campilongo, and Dan Rieser. They’re music is very jazzy; each musician bringing their own unique sound to the record.

[MP3] The Little WilliesRoly Poly
[MP3] The Little WilliesI’ll Neve Get Out Of This World Alive

You have to be happy after these songs! Make the Willies happy, head over to their MySpace and buy their newly released (March 6) album.

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