Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death

History major + Dork + Nathaniel = this post.

Aside from the fact that the above equation may contain all blatantly obvious variables, it is not going to stop me from making a historically gratiftying post.

It was on this very day in 1775 that Patrick Henry said:

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!!

What a line! I mean, if you’re looking for the ultimate one liner of the past 231 years… I’m gonna have to say Mr. Henry did a pretty good job nailing that award. Not to mention, that one line was enough fuel to keep a revolution successfully going. In honor of one of my favorite lines (and speech), here are a few tracks that you probably already have, remotely related to that infamous saying. The songs are free; but freedom isn’t free! It’s a buck-o-five, of course.

[MP3] Tracy ChapmanGive Me One Reason
[MP3] MaeAll Deliberate Speed
[MP3] Thievery CorporationLiberation Front
[MP3] My Morning JacketDeath Is The Easy Way Out
[MP3] Eagle*SeagullDeath Could Be at the Door
[MP3] The WeakerthansRinging Of Revolution
[MP3] StarsSoft Revolution

I was trying to think of some other great one liners to compare to this one.

What do you guys think the best one liner of all time is?

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