Bumpin’ and Groovin’

My internet died today.
Before the resurrection, I checked my mailbox to be surprised by a CD.
My internet came back to life.
Now you get to check out the inbox friendly band Bump.

I was talking about Bonnaroo today with someone, which brought up memories of summer and jamming music. Well, right now it is pretty damp and gloomy outside, so I was relying on music to combat the negative effects of Mother Nature. You know.. That music you might listen to with the windows down on a summer day? Bump could easily become that type of music. When I put in Bump’s latest album, Incredible Consequence, I found myself in one of those Corona commercials on a white beach thinking… “Miles away from ordinary.” Perhaps that’s the best description for their music. A hodgepodge of jamming rock and psychedelic indie make their music a perfect blend of beach side bar meets a rock and roll festival meets (their hometown) Detroit Rock City.

[MP3] BumpDon’t Be The Sunrise
[MP3] BumpI Must Say
[MP3] BumpLast Chance

Check out their MySpace and be ready for their debut album that releases on May 2!

Completely off topic to anything musically related, I found myself using the word “hodgepodge” in the above description. I’m not sure how many of you have seen the hilarious Honda Element commercials, but there is one with a platypus that cracks me up. As soon as I typed the word “hodgepodge”, I knew I had to expose you to this bit of humor.

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