Andrew Bird – Black Session (Live)

I was trying to make a list of all the concerts I’ve ever been to…as very trying task, but one that brings back some great memories of some amazing shows. One of the best show’s in terms of performance that I’ve ever witnessed was Andrew Bird. If you’re a fan of his music then you should really try to see him live, it’s a whole different experience…in fact, the arrangements of the majority of his songs are changed when played live but still are able to retain their complexity. You’ll be stunned, I guarantee it.

Anyways, for those of you who like his music but don’t plan to see him live, check out this bootlegg from his Black Session performance on 3/21/05:

[MP3] 01. Andrew BirdIntro
[MP3] 02. Andrew BirdSovay
[MP3] 03. Andrew BirdWhy?
[MP3] 04. Andrew BirdA Nervous Tic Motion Of The Head To The Left
[MP3] 05. Andrew BirdMeasuring Cups
[MP3] 06. Andrew BirdBanking On A Myth
[MP3] 07. Andrew BirdMasterfade
[MP3] 08. Andrew BirdFake Palindromes
[MP3] 09. Andrew BirdArmchair Apocalypse
[MP3] 10. Andrew BirdTables And Chairs
[MP3] 11. Andrew BirdCapital Isle
[MP3] 12. Andrew BirdLull

Sorry about the lazy post again, but hey…it’s spring break! If you’re even in the position to care you should seriously get out more…like incest serious. Check back later today for another one…punkasses…

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