New Songs from TV On The Radio!!!

Today’s a great day. TVOTR‘s currently untitled upcoming release has leaked…and the result is stunning. I can’t imagine the repercussions for what I’m thinking and feeling right now, but something is telling me that 2004’s Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes may get a run for its money. Some of the songs I’ve been hearing off this new LP sound without a doubt like TVOTR’s best work yet. The songs sound much fuller this time around…like they were produced by an actual band, something I think their debut lacked a little. Check out a couple of the new tracks, they’re all wildly recommended:

UPDATE: Band requested that I remove the songs, as they are unmastered cuts! Sorry!

[MP3] TV On The RadioProvince
[MP3] TV On The RadioPlayhouses

I can already feel this release latching onto my ears…an obsession is developing…DUH! There’s no release date for the album, but look for it soon as the leak could easily spur a speedier delivery!

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