Thursdays and Covers

That time of the week again for those kind of songs.

[MP3] Flaming LipsBohemian Rhapsody
This band is already getting massive hype with a new album release later this year, along with a slew of yet to be announced tour dates, but this cover is great. There aren’t many bands that could do justice to an already legendary song recorded by a more than legendary band, but the Lips cover it perfectly and even add some great new synth and vocal melodies.

[MP3] Rogue WaveEveryday
Something about taking songs from the 1950s and covering them is very appealing. The vocals and piano used in this song are unmatched. Although the original by Buddy Holly is a great song, the talented Rogue Wave make their version just as good as the original if not better.

[MP3] The Postal ServiceGrow Old With Me
This track was released on the Make Some Noise EP, which was a compilation featuring a variety of artists covering John Lennon songs for amnesty international. Now, I don’t know how Ben Gibbard found the time to lay down vocal tracks for this song between releasing Plans and touring, but I am sure glad he did. This song is so well done; you want to believe that Gibbard himself wrote it for Jimmy Tamborello to lay some beats down on.

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countrygrrl January 12, 2006 at 5:20 pm

sorry, but i find that version of bohemian rhapsody ‘distinctly average’as Simon Cowell would say. I don’t think they are that great and i cant see what all the hooha is about. Give me a dose of Willie Waylon and Hank anyday. Keep up the good blogging!!!hi from bonnie scotland.


Gina January 12, 2006 at 6:39 pm

Thursday, how I love thee.

That Rogue Wave is great.


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