Listen | White Reaper: “Make Me Wanna Die”

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Listen | White Reaper: “Make Me Wanna Die”

White Reaper

Considering their debut self-titled EP just barely clocked in at 15 minutes, no one’s probably all that surprised that Louisville garage rock outfit are already prepping a follow up to last year’s brief but fiery debut. What is surprising however is how White Reaper avoid merely retreading what made their EP stand out. In a sense “Make Me Wanna Die”, the first single from the newly minted foursome’s debut full length, does capture that the melodic punk spirit of the EP but where most of the self-titled cuts barreled forward with break neck intensity, “Make Me Wanna Die” taps on the brakes a bit. White Reaper still air on the side of brevity but even at it is two minute and change length there’s a sense of lingering. “Make Me Wanna Die” recalls “Cool” in its pop-recalling accessibility but the comparisons pretty much end there. Touring member turned actual band mate Ryan Hater features prominently of synth but White Reaper have lost none of their rambunctious bite.

“Make Me Wanna Die” hints at a brand new versatility for the band. A track with a cohesive narrative in addition to its snarling but catchy hooks, “Make Me Wanna Die” is a pretty firm indicator that there’s a lot more to White Reaper than rabid sweat-inducing intensity and carelessly thrown beers whizzing from the stage. White Reaper are the real deal not just some lazy Ramones imitators and they’re willing to put in the work to prove it.

White Reaper’s forthcoming debut full length White Reaper Does It Again is out July 17th on Polyvinyl Records. Pre-order’s are available now.

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Stream| Waterstrider’s debut LP ‘Nowhere Now’

Waterstrider – Nowhere Now

Finally after years of ardently building a loyal legion of fans both in their Bay Area haunts and elsewhere, Waterstrider are capitalizing on all the anticipation and gradually applied creative potential with their debut full length album Nowhere Now.

By now the Oakland based fivesome have given enough of a preview at what you to expect on their album with all the excellent singles released so far – from last year’s “Redwood” to the blistering, percussion-heavy title track that you should be firmly onboard but if that’s still not the case, you can now listen to the whole album before deciding if you want to buy it (which you totally should).

Waterstrider’s debut full length Nowhere Now is out now.

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Listen | Spritzer: “Melt”


The last thing the world needs is another surf rock band and yet IF there were going to be the genre is in no safer hands than that of Matthew Meade, whose work with Friend Roulette is all about dismantling and reconfiguring chamber pop innovatively to great results. Spritzer, is Meade’s take on beach pop and rather like Friend Roulette there’s a lot more to it than the typical characteristics of the genre like vibrant melodies and bright, summery guitar riffs namely in the darker dissatisfaction in the lyrics. It’s not just sunny days and choice swells on Meade’s beach and he finds a perfect balance between the upbeat jangle and the deeper frustration that can’t quite be buried beneath the buoyant shuffle.

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Listen | Landshapes: “Stay”


While I’m still waiting for the release of their debut full length Rambutan on this side of the pond, London’s Landshapes are clearly pressing forward with the recent announcement of sophomore record Heyoon. “Stay”, the second single from their upcoming follow up jaunt probably puts as much distance as possible between the folk pop of their Lulu and the Lampshades days and is perhaps all the better for it. In a page out of Peggy Sue’s playbook, the foursome have turned sweet harmonies into the haunting and mysterious, traded dueling ukuleles in for blistering guitar and bass.

Landshapes may have debuted their more mature turn in Rambutan single “In Limbo” but “Stay” finds them growing even more – weaving together dense textures with ominously delivered hooks. There’s no denying Landshapes are still adept at crafting infectious music but on “Stay” they pair that with an exploration of textures and experimentation with song composition for a song on just the right side of wrong. Luisa Gerstein, Heloise Tunstall-Behrens, and Jemma Freeman imbue their sweltering siren song with a warrior’s fervor while Dan Blackett’s drums sets the shadowy amble on its dark course.

Landshapes sophomore record Heyoon is out May 4th in the UK on Bella Union with US release details forthcoming.

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Video | New Zealand newscaster brought to tears by Sharon Van Etten

nz reporter sharon van etten

The world needs a whole lot more of this. I’m not blogging as often as I used to, but this reminds me exactly why I started IGIF nearly a decade ago, and gently pushes me to keep it going. Hits me right in the feels. Watch here »

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